Friday, January 4, 2019

Lesson Resources--Globalizing World History

Here are two resources for excellent lesson plans for both Wolrd History and AP World History.

Eric Beckman, an AP World History teacher in Minnesota, has a terrific blog with links to lessons that he has developed over the years, some of which he presented to world history conferences.

I love his lesson on the Swahili Coast and plan to use his lesson on The Haitian Revolution next week.

Beckman has more lesson plans on this website called Uncovering World History.

All his lessons include resources and links. For example, his lesson on the Haitian Revolution includes four primary sources for a reading jigsaw-- Letter by Tobias Lear to James Madison,  Letter by the French Minister of the Marine to the Fort de Joux Commandant (1802), Toussaint letter to Napoléon from Fort de Joux (1802),and Toussaint L’Ouverture in An Historical Account of the Black Empire of Hayti.

Another fantastic teacher with great resources is Bram Hubbell who has a blog called Paperless History.  He regularly tweets (@paperlesshist)  excellent maps on Mondays, and visual resources on Wednesdays.

Hubbell also has a page of resources.  One that I particularly like includes links to articles and websites about the global nature of World War I.

Here's a map he tweeted last week showing resistance to colonization.


Eric Beckman said...

Thanks for your support! I'm glad that the lesson resources have been helpful.

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