Friday, July 13, 2012

Apps to Use in the Classroom

This has been a great week as one of the things I have is work with a team of six others on coming up with apps that one can use on smartphones and tablets.  We started with a long list of several hundred and knocked it down to 76 and finally to 25.  While the list was initially meant for social studies teachers, it so happens that only about 5 are content specific.  So the list starts with items such as Mobile Mouse which lets you move around the classroom, to a QR reader (and maker), ways to make whiteboards with audio, video, images, our favorite flash card maker, ways get to get students to write easily get their homework down, a collaborative video maker and more.  I have highlighted some of these devices and will continue to do more, but if you wanted to play around with some great apps this summer, I hope you'll like our list

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