Sunday, September 23, 2018

Ibn Battuta: Lesson Resources

Studying Ibn Battuta?  Here are some interesting resources.

Here is a short clip from Kjvids. It's just music, images, and script but does a good job of reviewing Battuta's travels.

And here is a link to a longer documentary called "The man who walked across the World: The Adventures of Ibn Battuta" (Part 1) along with video questions.

The Silkroad website has a good review of Battuta's travels as well as resources on the Silk Road from the spread of Buddhism to the Mongols.

Reading Assignments

Here are some interesting reading assignments for Ibn Batutta.

The Indian ocean. org website includes travelers like Marco Polo and Ibn Battuta in its medieval era map. Here is a WebQuest that asks students to read about Battuta in different locations.

Saudi Aramco World has an excellent feature about ibn Batutta called "The Longest Hajj."

Here is an assignment based on some of the Batutta writings, especially those in Africa. Students use the University of California's website which has reproduced much of his writing and complete questions here.

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