Friday, April 5, 2019

Comparing North & South Korea 1945- Present: Awesome Lesson Resources

Studying the Cold War.?  The Korean War figures prominently in that period.

Here is a great site, sponsored by the Korea Foundation, that has awesome resources for studying the differences between North and South Korea. It's called World History Digital Education.

The lesson is divided into three categories as you can see below--comparison, contextualization, and continuity and change.

The comparison lesson includes eight primary documents, four on North Korea and four on South Korea.  The student has to evaluate the state's role in the development of the economies.  One document includes a telegram from  Chairman Mao Zedong to Josef Stalin.  In another document, Kim Il-sung, Premier of North Korea and founder of the Korean Workers' Party Central Committee Plenum, speaks about solidarity in the socialist bloc.

The lesson also includes a series of charts and graphs comparing the development of the two states, including military capacity and even cell phone usage.

The lesson includes a chart for the students to record the main idea of each document and outline the evidence that supports the main idea.

The lesson module even includes a DBQ aligned to the AP World rubric. It asks students to evaluate the extent to which political ideologies affected the economies of Korea after 1945.

You should definitely explore this site, even if you don't teach AP World History. Many of the resources will work well for Honors World History.

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