Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Afro-Asian Perspectives on the Cold War & Decolonization

Medium, the online magazine, has a fascinating section called "Afro-Asian Visions: New Perspectives on Decolonisation, the Cold War, and Asian-African Connections." 

It includes dozens of essays from a non-western perspective, many of which should be ideal for the world history classroom.

In one essay, for example, called "Africans in World War Two Asia: Encounters Across Continents," the author, Oliver Coates, notes that over 46,000 East Africans fought in World War II.  Although the East Africans faced "open racism" which included pay discrimination, dietary regimes, and leave restrictions,  they learned a lot about new cultures like language, religion, and food.

In another essay called "‘China and the Devil Slaves’: challenging Afro-Asian solidarities in Tanzania," author George Roberts, shows how Tanzania fell under the influence of China after decolonization adopting a Mao brand of socialism that "romanticized the peasantry." Roberts notes that the West feared "Red Guards descending upon already troubled Africa," which added fuel the developing Cold War.

Thanks to history teacher,  Jeremy Green, for tweeting the link.

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