Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Each episode from this site is approximately 45 minutes in length (one-hour with
commercials) and addresses five events or people from a century. For each century, the filmmakers have selected a technology to serve as a metaphor and to tie the events and themes of the episode together. They also include curriculum connections, essential questions, historical perspectives, history and geography themes. The episodes are linked to a CNN web site http://cgi.turnerlearning.com/cnn/millennium/index.html and appear as
Episode 1: 1000-1100 CE - Century of the Sword
Episode 2 : 1100-1200 CE - Century of the Axe
Episode 3: 1200-1300 CE - Century of the Stirrup
Episode 4: 1300-1400 CE - Century of the Scythe
Episode 5: 1400-1500 CE - Century of the Sail
Episode 6: 1500-1600 CE - Century of the Compass
Episode 7: 1600-1700 CE - Century of the Telescope
Episode 8: 1700-1800 CE - Century of the Furnace
Episode 9: 1800-1900 CE - Century of the Machine
Episode 10: 1900-2000 CE - Century of the Globe
Each of the five segments of the episode is approximately 7-9 minutes in length. Some stories are distinctly cultural, some focus on movements of peoples and ideas, some illuminate the lives and legacies of important individuals, places, and events, and some concentrate on historical themes. All segments augment and subtly develop the technological advances that distinguish the century depicted in each video episode.

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Carolyn said...

Oh, awesome! I used to have this series on VHS years ago, and I've constantly checked for it to be out on DVD. This is an excellent series with computer animation and live acting to help students connect with history. It really helps them see the civilizations that were developing simultaneously, instead of the geographic isolation that most world history textbooks use in their organization.