Saturday, October 23, 2010

Presentation From Google Docs

We do a ton of collaboration at my school so I can tell you that I have added very little to the PowerPoint above.  But I did upload it into the "Presentation" mode (Google's name for PowerPoint) and since I my district requires us to use Blackboard, I just link it from there to my Google Docs file.  This then allows me to change my presentation without uploading.  For example I just added my name in hieroglyphics to one of the last slides and did not have to re-upload it into Blackboard.  I can, as you will see on some of the slides, insert video clips from youtube which is very hard (although possible) to do w. PowerPoint.  The nicest way is that you can share editing rights with your peers.  So if you find something new, as I did this morning, all the teachers in your professional learning community could benefit. Here is the site to be able to do the slide show above as well as documents and other things.  Here is a site that will tell you how to do it By the way, that is my family in slide number 10 as we had the great fortune of going to Egypt last April.

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