Monday, December 13, 2010

History Nerds of the World Unite!

I've been enjoying this blog for the past few weeks or so.  The women who write the blog are published authors of historical fiction (romance and novels, respectively).  I have a passion for historical fiction myself, and so was drawn to the site for obvious reasons.  I particularly enjoyed today's post on Anne Boleyn's shoes.  What caught my attention over the weekend was this post about a bequest left to the Library of Congress.  The LOC received hundreds of photos from the Civil War era and none of them were identified.  There's a link in the post to the album that the LOC posted on Flickr.  Using the photos would be an excellent way to put a face on people from the past - in the end, history is their story (we're still writing ours).  Some of the images are poignant, some are humorous, but they are all familiar.  For our students, perhaps giving history a face would allow them to see the drama of the past.