Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Using Google Docs w. Your Students

I did an in-service today was partly on how to use Google Docs, Google Presentation (PowerPoint), to create collections (folders), how to upload and how to link to one's student presentation tool (ie Blackboard, Google Sites, Edublog, etc.).  The advantage of doing this is that once you have the link set up, you can just make the change within Google and will never have to re-upload the document or presentation again.

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Shannon said...

I have also recently learned how to use these amazing applications. One of our teachers actually created an online Professional Development course that taught us how to use each application. Not only was it the best PD I have ever attended, but we also recevied SB-CEU credits for it as well! I would suggest all to learn how to navigate and integrate these into their teaching. I know I have!