Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Learn Boost

I have gone paperless and have most of my students that way as well.  So, when I saw a rather "busy" desk of one of the teachers in my dept. this morning, I suggested he try an online lesson planner (since that and a dictionary were two of the items on his desk).  Well after a little research I found LearnBoost which not only has a planner, but also a gradebook, attendance and a calendar and all for free. 

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Matthew said...

I never knew about this website LearnBoost. I find it to be very useful because it seems that everything is being done online. With a planner,gradebook, attendance and calendar all for free, I find this amazing. The days of worrying about losing your paper copies are now gone. School work can be quickly accessed with just a few clicks after an e-mail session. This is also a great way of going green to help the environment.