Thursday, June 9, 2011

Overview Videos

This comes from Bill Gates' site and has lots more in math, science, etc.  It does have about 10 15-18 minutes videos (see one above) on European history that would be good for review.

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Jason Neiffer said...

Hi Ken... catching up on old RSS traffic and ran into this post.

I am a former history teacher (12 teaching US, AP European, World History, Government, etc... now in admin) and I was asked recently about the "classroom flip" that some people are using Kahn academy videos for in the math and science classroom and if it applies to history teachers.

I argued no, the power of a good history class is the lecture, discussion and interaction between teacher and students... and the power of story telling. It doesn't (and probably shouldn't) need to be all teacher-centered, but, there is some give and take.

Can you comment on the "classroom flip" as it might relate to the history classroom?