Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Reading Critically

Next Monday I am teaching a three hour course for AP students on preparing them for this fall (well for us in VA it is fall since we do not see kids until Sept 7th!).  One of the things I will concentrate on will be reading for understanding.  Well this is where my worlds collide.  Another project I am working on is preparing teachers to integrate their e-books (and tons of ancillaries) into the classroom.  Well it turns out that Patterns of Interaction, which is used for our World History I and II has a wonder section online which has a part of preparing students to read analytically as well as critiquing resources (including video), making higher level analysis and creating presentations.  So one idea might be to have your students follow the fairly easy model as they read their chapters early in the year.  My only issue is that I supplement our e-books with lots of websites which means my students have to be more on the ball in terms of organization (can you say Google Docs or e-folders). 

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