Sunday, January 22, 2012

Interactive Assignments + Greek Government

Tomorrow, assuming we do not have a ice storm that is forecast, I have a local affiliate of NBC coming to  film my freshmen using their e-books.  Here is what I have prepared.  It is a combination of our e-book as well as a number of different sites on the Internet, several of which you might recognize if you have been following this website recently.  I use Google Docs for all my assignments and have the students open their accounts first, then my assignment and then go to "file + make a copy."  They put their names in the title and since it is digital they can do things like upload pictures as I have asked and write answers as long or short as needed.  We will then go over it and I will grade it before the next class at which point they will be allowed to use it for a short quiz.   Using the e-book as just one of several sites is fairly standard fair for me.  Using Google Docs, by the way, has tremendously helped all my students with their organization (and yes I do have some kids without the Internet at home and have had to do some fancy differentiation to accomodate them). 

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