Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Inside a Flipped Classroom

Another story about a flipped math classroom. This one is in Minnesota.. Waiting to see more stories on flipped history classes.

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Carrie Orr said...

I am posting as part of an activity for my class, "Applying Technology in the Classroom" in my M.Ed. program. We have been discussing in this class, and many of my others, about the nature of the constructivist classroom, and overcoming the more traditional direct instruction style of teaching to enhance opportunities for student learning and self-discovery. I am curious as what a typical day would look like in a class that has been "flipped." Obviously technology plays a vital role as teacher lectures and and instruction are done at home. What type of activity does the time in-class center around? I am fascinated by this concept and its potential for success, but also quite aware that perhaps the most difficult thing to be "flipped" is the attitude and willingness of teachers to take on such a huge task of reinventing a curriculum.