Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Mobile Wave

The Mobile Wave is a new book by Michael Saylor (above briefly discussing it) that looks across the spectrum of the world for a good over view of where mobile devices are going to take us.  The cool things include how we will be able to set our home to open for a delivery, have our key delivered to us virtually, help third world fishermen and, of course, education.  Each chapter is a broad overview which, if you know a great deal about it you will probably find some fault - such as his saying that one teacher could teach thousands when we all know that lectures need to be short and lead to interactive teaching.  Nonetheless the book helped me with my thinking of where education is going and why I am glad I finally got a smartphone a few months ago and am learning how it can be an integral part of classrooms.  

If you love technology and want to help shape the future of teaching, this is an important and very quick read you might want to read. 

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