Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Did Jesus Have a Wife?

This is a fascinating article which discusses the fact that a piece of papyrus written in the 4th century refers to Jesus as discussing his wife and the fact that he had a female disciple.   Of course, this has been a matter of conjecture for centuries.  So how can you use this in class?  First off we teach the students about papyrus as well as where it was made?  Then we teach about the different major world religions.  Last we discuss, or at least I do, how history is not always so nice and neat and that we change our conclusions over time.  Finally this is nice because it brings up the word artifacts and who gets to decide what we study at school, from textbook companies to  the state boards of education who make up our tests.  The Smithsonian channel will have more on a special on September 30th

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