Saturday, October 20, 2012

ITunes U and History courses

ITunes University (which you can download as an app) and access through ITunes on your laptop has scores of courses in history as well as in most other disciplines. Some of the courses (I found a couple in religion) have  embedded video clips that were quite good. Some are worth exploring. You can also access K-12 listings. To find  ITunes U, open ITunes  and click on Itunes Store, then click the pull down menu on the last tab called ITunes U.

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Mrs. Montrois said...

13I love love love iTunesU and the history podcasts. I will never attend Yale or UC Berkeley but I can learn from their professors for free. My favorites: from UCBerkeley History 4a Anc Mediterranean, History 5 Making of Modern Europe; Euro Civ from Yale; The West & the World is fair if you can get past some of the professor's quirks.
I also use it for my Intro to Psych class, but that's not this post!