Monday, October 1, 2012

Most Hit Sites in September

Hard to believe the first month of school is already over.  As always thanks for coming to this blog page.  We had 42,000+ page views (including the US and government blogs) last month including 14,000 on this site alone   The top three for this page were:
  • Time Maps was a huge item to hit on this month as it gives your students to look up anything you are studying and see maps to correspond to the learning. 
  • Pre-history Web Quest - this was personally nice for me that so many of you were curious what my students are (or were) doing in class.  To make a copy, just go to file and then "make a copy."  You do have to have Google Drive to do it. 
  • Drawing a Map Using Google Drive I love this one since it came partially from one of my ninth graders last year. 

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