Monday, November 19, 2012

Flipping Class Within My Class

So I just completed Sal Kahn's new book titled The One World Schoolhouse.  If you are interested in the history of his KahnAcademy or where he intends to take education, it is worth the $12, but be warned that it is woefully short on quantitative research (isn't that true of so much in education) and he assumes that all kids will be motivated simply because they can go their own speed).  But it got me to thinking...

So today I made the very simple video above which is my only lecture for my India unit.  In class today I let those who wanted to work at their own speed use ear buds to watch the video and the rest of the students listened to me give a traditional video.  The kids using the video stopped and started it numerous times and still finished well ahead of me (which is one of the major points of Kahn's book that our schools waste a lot of time in  the interest of keeping all students together.  Once students finished the lecture they started this project on Gupta accomplishments.  As with the video lecture, I included videos explaining how to use the technology for the assignment.   

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