Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Connect Your Class to Students Oversseas

 Face to Faith is a free website that lets you set up a video conference (in a safe online conference) with students speaking to one another about religion and living with it in their countries.   To be part of the program, you do have to go through an online training through the First Amendment Center.  You can do it during any time.  So for example you could partner with schools in India for a Hinduism unit and you could have a different class.  You need to do it at least ten days in advance to set up the logistics of the conference.   You also will be given a moderator for the conference who will run the class.  The center also has five lessons you can choose to use.   The only piece you must do is a 20 minute introductory module which helps in discussing issues with the students abroad.  If you are interested register on the site, register and get going.  

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