Saturday, December 29, 2012

U.S.H.M.M.- Holocaust Encyclopedia: “The World Must Know”

Why use the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum “Holocaust Encyclopedia”:
  • There are more resources than can be imagined on most any specific topic you or your students may want to research for learning purposes.
  • We all know there are some “elements” in our world that would argue that what we know as “The Holocaust” never happened. The resources accessible through the encyclopedia can put your students, and you, in the position to follow the call that “The World Must Know” the truth of  “The Shoah.”
How to locate The USHMM Encyclopedia
Go to the USHMM Web Site Then go to the History tab at the top of the page > Then go to the selection “Holocaust Encyclopedia”

Types of resources available through the encyclopedia articles
1. Explanatory text with hyperlinks to other related ; 2. Photographs; 3. Videos of Survivor stories; 4. Images of artifacts; 5. Maps; 6. Historical film footage; 7. Suggested further readings; 8. Links to related Podcasts; 9. Links to the article in various other languages: Spanish, Arabic, Russian, French, Farsi, Chinese, Korean, and several others.

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