Saturday, January 5, 2013

Philosophy's Shameful Love for the Swaastika

Writing for The Telegraph, the British newspaper, Alasdair Palmer, reviews a forthcoming book by Yvonne Sherrat, about the way German philosophers not only accommodated Hitler,  but enthusiastically espoused Nazi ideology. You''ll be surprised by the names of some of these philosophers. They include Martin Heidegger. He reports that Heidegggar even lectured in military uniform and was happy to oust Jewish colleagues including his own mentor. You can read the fascinating review here.

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enowning said...

History teachers should be aware that this is an article in a British newspaper by a journalist, and not by a historian in a proper history journal or book. The article makes new assertions that are not in existing intellectual histories of 1930s Germany, without citing sources for the new information. Yvonne Sherratt's book may back up the assertions in the article, but we won't know that until the book is published in May.