Monday, February 18, 2013

Doceri iPad App for Your Flipped Class

I have been getting ready to use Doceri with my students when they receive their iPads.  The app is like Educreations, but much more dynamic and allows one to create screencasts.  We wil be using them since Google Drive's Presentation cannot be created on the iPad (only viewed).  I also like it as it does not require a login/password.  So my students will create them and then directly upload them into Google Drive and then share it with me effectively giving them a Presentation that can be recorded and annotated.

It is also useful if you like to write on your screen when you are making a flipped classroom presentation.

Doceri has a number of short videos on how to work the product, but each is missing an element. The best one to bring it all together is the one above.  

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