Thursday, March 28, 2013

World History & Twitter

Want to find out what other teachers are doing in world history or social studies? Want links to some of their video clips, web quests, Google document assignments? You can find all this and more by participating in weekly discussions on world history on Twitter.

All you need is the hashtag--#wrdlchat--which allows Twitter to collect all tweets with that hashtag. The world history discussion takes place every Tuesday night from 8:00- 9:00. For the first couple of weeks, you can just "lurk and learn."  Just type in the hastag--#wrldchat" into search and Twitter will take you to the discussion.

Here's what  a discussion looks like. This one is about geography in social studies. You'll see a link to some great AP World resources and another link to some  neat geography quizzes.  And here's another chat history from a discussion about standard-based grading at-- #sbgchat-- that the moderator "storified" for easier viewing. Rick Wormeli, the redo and retake proponent, participated in this discussion.

You can also find a social studies discussion on Monday evenings at 7:00PM at--#sschat. Here are easy to follow Twitter dos and don'ts.

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