Monday, May 6, 2013

Review for World History I Exam

The only part of reviewing for our state exam is seeing the kids' eyes glow when they get review questions or remember the information.  But I wish we could be doing a more fun project that could bring all the information learned together in an application project as we will be doing after the SOL project.

But we have six class days to prepare (which is more than I had last year) and in case you care here is what we are doing each day.  Otherwise here are a lot of review materials

  1. Curriculum Framework
  2. PowerPoint review
  3. Matching/Word Bank Review for all WHI
  4. Eleven Maps to WHI Success
  5. Exams to take (all with answers)
  6. Images (200+ of them and corresponding slides stating what they are)
  7. Quizlet review cards (200 of them)

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