Sunday, June 30, 2013

Three Great Informal Assessment tools: Socrative, Wallwisher, Today'sMeet

Here are excellent step-by-step directions from Richard Byrne (Free Technology for Teachers) on how to use three great informal assessment tools--Socrative--Today's Meet and Wallwisher.

  • Socrative looks especially cool. It's a little like Poll Everywhere in that students respond to questions on their phones or another computer.  But unlike Poll everywhere,  you can ask students short answer questions and they can respond anonymously.  You can also create multiple choice quizzes. Socrative  gives you a room number when you register.  You use that number over and over and give it to students when they log into m.scorative on their device.
  • TodayMeet is another way to poll students in real time. Like Socrative, you create a room for students to log into. Once they are in, they can respond to an in-class video with comments or questions. It's a real time discussion that might even work when you give students a  video to watch at home.  Students could discuss the video on TodayMeet.
  • WallWisher, now called Padlet,  is like an online cork board on which students can post images, links, videos, etc about a specific topic.  You can make the wall public or private, use it as a KWL chart, or as way to showcase student work. Here's a slideshow on other ways to use it.

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timstahmer said...

Wallwisher is now called Padlet ( and has a much cleaner and more functional interface than before. Plus it functions very well on tablets and smartphones.