Monday, July 15, 2013

Farming Got Hip In Iran Some 12,000 Years Ago, Ancient Seeds Reveal

Wow! You have to love it when archaeologists make discoveries which deal with one of our first units of study in World History--Mesopotamia.

According to this NPR story, archaeologists have discovered evidence of a stone age farming community at the foot of the Zagros mountains, closer to Iran than the Fertile Crescent.  Seeds suggest that farmers 12,000 years ago grew plants like barely, peas, and lentils."It's allowing us to push back our picture of early agriculture to these very, very initial stages, when people are beginning to play around with plants and their environment," notes a Smithsonian archaeologist.

You can read the story here and you can listen to the three minute NPR clip below.  Thanks to Angela Hamblin for tweeting the story.

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