Thursday, October 24, 2013

Flipped Learning and DIfferentiation

Believe it or not the NYTimes has an opinion piece advocating the Flipped Classroom.  But it is the quasi flipped classroom which I use a lot in our combined ESOL World History I class (which is a ESOL and standard education students combined in a mainstreamed class).   We do much of the flipping at home, but, for example, two days ago we did a unit on Egypt where we started with the flip (except we were in class) and then went to the actual work.  As you can see in the video above what flipping allows is for the teacher to individually work with ALL the students by moving around the room constantly and to allow for individualized student pacing which is nicely incapsulated in the video above.

The creator of the video above, Tom Driscoll, has a number of great videos on his Youtube account which are broken into flipped learning, tech tutorials and World History flips.   You can also follow him on Twitter. 

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