Sunday, October 6, 2013

World History Flipped Class Videos

This year I am co-teaching with an ESOL teacher for WHI.  To that end we have decided to ditch every lecture and use flipped videos instead.  We feel it will especially serve our ESOL students who will not have to ask to have us repeat everything and we can run around more and help all our students.  I will not say my videos are incredible, but in case you want to see them this year, here is the playlist on Youtube.  The other advantage this affords is that for the several kids who do not have Internet at home they can either watch it on a smartphone or just watch it at school and pace themselves through the class - which really is a huge advantage to having a digital classroom.

Above is a vide I made two years ago detailing how to make a map in Google Drive drawings which is something we are starting with tomorrow. 

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