Friday, November 15, 2013

World History Teachers at NCSS

I recently have been in touch with Joe Ballou, the current chair of the world history community within the NCSS. Starting this year, NCSS is placing a greater emphasis on developing its support of world history teachers than it had in the past. If you're going to St. Louis next week, their world history community is hosting a talk and a breakfast (which I will call into to talk about technology) and I'd encourage you to check out both if you can. The community is also looking for NCSS members who would have an interest in leadership, as there are a number of volunteer leadership positions available. 

Joe is a former world history teacher who has spent the past 2 years creating world history games and technology with his company Civic Games, and currently works as a coach and curriculum developer at the Democracy Prep Public Schools. You should look out for him in St. Louis to talk about this work, or you can contact him directly via the contact form at

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