Saturday, January 11, 2014

What Makes a Great Teacher?

After years of being an AP coordinator and department chair I still know if someone will generally make a great teacher in the first few minutes I meet them.  But explaining it is a bit harder.  Having said that I know while a number of teachers view this site, so do some students.  So the video above is for you or for those of you who want to reflect on your own teaching.  It is worth the five minutes to watch it.

Keith Hughes' video breaks it down into content knowledge, having a strong paradigm on learning, being authentic and having great human relationships.  I really like how he says if you do the last two discipline will take care of itself - coming from someone who thinks raising his voice and sending kids to the office doesn't have much impact and even can be a reward in some case!  Hughes But sums it up well by calling teaching "magic."  Do you have anything to add? 

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