Monday, April 28, 2014

Islamic Call to Prayer

So I suppose this is where I give you a disclaimer.  I am not Islamic but have been fascinated with the call to prayer since I was a small child and woke up to the chanting each day for four years when I was living in Iran.  Even visiting Islamic countries today it is still somewhat comforting and I really have no idea what is being said.

That being said when we tell our students that there is a call to prayer five times daily it is a little hard to really understand until you listen to the chanting in the video above.

When my family and I visited Istanbul last summer we stayed a block from the Hagia Sophia and got to hear three competing prayers at once from "overlapping" mosques as you can hear in the video below. 


Unknown said...

I live and teach in Kuwait and I get to hear 3-4 in our neighborhood, with another being built! Thanks for sharing this in a positive way :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ken,

I totally understand what you are saying. My wife and I spent two years teaching at the American Community School in Beirut and we actually miss hearing the Adhan, especially in the morning. On another note, I will be teaching the Ottoman Empire next year to 7th graders and I think I can use the sources you have posted.

Steve Coffey