Thursday, May 8, 2014

Review for End of Year Exams

Here are a bunch of links that I have found to help my kids for their state exam.  Feel free to use them for your history kids as well as there are plenty of tests that correct themselves, study guides, etc. 


Yasmeen Elsayed said...

thanks ,,,,,,

Elizabeth Morales said...

Thanks, there were allot of great ideas for reviewing before the final test. One thing I fond helpful is having my students build something. This way they are thinking about the material and working with it at the same time. It takes the monotony out of just reviewing. For example I have my students create a web page focusing on the major elements that are going to be on the test, or I have them create a video about a selected time period. However, they do need to have a guide to follow to ensure that they are hitting the important points. By having them work with the information they will remember more when it comes time for the test. helps students work with the information and prioritize it according to importance, is a free web building tool, is great for creating slide shows and it great for creating animated videos. If you want to stick to a paper pencil activity you can have your student create a review game, complete with questions and answers. At the end of the activity your student can play the game, all they need is a game template that looks like “Shoots and Ladders” or any other format. These activities can be adapted to a curriculum area such as language Arts, social studies, science or math.