Sunday, September 28, 2014

Flipping, flipping, flipping!

All three of my preps this year are being flipped so I am really getting into it which is good after four years of practicing the "craft."  Today we are having a tech in-service at Hayfield Secondary where I teach and I am teaching two sections of how to flip one's classroom.  If you aren't a teacher at Hayfield and want to watch how to do flip, above is an eight minute video detailing all of the steps and what to do in the classroom after you have done your flipped lecture.

Here is an example of a flipped video, the actual Google form we used and the interactive assignment that followed in class

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Mr. Dave Keller said...

Hi Ken,

Love your work. I've been flipping but find that when I give quizzes, making and grading them takes a lot of time. Do you give instant feedback on daily quizzes or return them the following day? For instant feedback I've sued Socrative or floobaroo but they mark too many things wrong that are correct and my manual grading is tough. Also, how many questions are on your quizzes?

Thanks for all of your great material.