Monday, January 26, 2015

Virtual Field Trips

I have done some work recently with SmarterSchools.com and their contact recently asked me if I had done any virtual field trips with my students.  Well yes. If you Google them, you can find lots of them.  For example this is one from the Lascaux cave in France which I had the pleasure to visit as a teenage (before it was closed).  I like this field trip as it literally walks you through the cave and lets you get very close to the drawings on the walls.  Here is another of my favorites on the Sistine Chapel.  If you start at a wide angle, you might ask your students to guess how long it took to do a panel.  Then get real close and ask the question again.   The benefit for any of these "trips" is that you can blow them up in class to show them on the big screen to really help your students see how amazing they are.  Another one is Hagia Sophia which is right here.  Most of the sites you studying come with a virtual tour.  

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