Friday, May 22, 2015

Student Videos for Review

Today, my students reviewed some important events in different periods of history between 1500 and the present by creating short documentaries with their phones. I assigned groups of students an important event from one of the time periods and gave them these instructions:
  • choose a reader
  • draw symbols or images that will appear on the screen
  • rehearse moving  the images on and off while your passage is read
Next, I showed students a couple of samples of other student-created video using the same techinques I wanted my students to use.

Once completed, students uploaded their videos to You Tube and submitted the link to a Goolge Form I created.

Although the clips lack polish and sometimes the images don't flow with the documentary, I was pleased with the clips and think that they are a great way for students to process content.

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Jaclyn Purcell said...

I'm doing this same assignment with my 8th grade ancient history classes!