Saturday, July 18, 2015

Voice of America: High School Videochats Bridge Religious & Cultural Divide

Use Face to Faith to help your students bridge cultural and religious divides.

Using videochats, Face to Faith brings together students from different cutlures and religions to facilitate better understanding on a wide range of topics including religious freedom, human rights, and religious festivals.

Voice of America
recently visited my class during a videochat with a school in Indonesia. Their feature story explains how the videochats work.


jb said...

This looks like a lot of fun and a great way to connect students to what they are learning. After watching the news report, I'm wondering what participation was like during the activity. Did all of the students talk during the chat? What motivated them to participate?

Thanks for the post.

George Coe said...

Not all students talk. Topics for the chats differ each time and some students are motivated more by some topics than others. Some talks feature a speaker, and then students ask questions. For example, one topic dealt with equality before the law and the speaker was the grandson of Caesar Chavez. Another time, we talked to a Wiccan priest.

Ian Somer said...
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Ian Somer said...

The idea is totally brilliant in the light of students being so racists. The should finally understand that respecting each other is what forms a healthy society. How do I know this? I once had to write a case study on Respect and I was surprised to learn many facts. Actually, I did not write it all by myself as there was too much research to complete. I had to use online reviews of essay services to do the job, but the knowledge I received afterwards, totally worth it.