Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chromebook Shortcuts

So last Friday the two wonderful SBTS (school based technology specialists) in my building delivered thirty Chromebooks to my classroom.  We spent about 20 minutes logging in and then connecting to the two WiFi accounts that we have at school.  I was surprised first by the number of kids who hadn't heard of them and then later by the number who said they liked them so much they were going to looking into buying their own.  My favorite comment came from a young man who said he no longer had time to text in between going from webpage to webpage.  Yes they are lightening fast.

So I promise to blog about using Chromebooks this year and will start with what I mentioned in class today which is the list of shortcuts that you can use on the laptops.

By the way if you are like some of my students and haven't heard about Chromebooks then you should know that they are a very cheap, but high quality laptop ($200-250 is where most fall for school needs).  The ones we have are sturdy and from signing in to being on a webpage is less than ten seconds.  There is some space for downloading, but not enough room to run programs that require java script.  

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Hiram Cuevas said...

Ken, don't err on the 2GB of ram go eight for 4. When users start to actively use them as primary machines 2 is not enough. We've been using them for a couple of years now and love them too! On the administrative side of the house, it couldn't get any easier. Are your devices managed? You can control what extensions get loaded what pages get placed in tabs... Best part is I can run the admin stuff from anywhere.