Thursday, September 17, 2015

Flipped Video Collections for World History

If you are looking for videos to use in your World History class, here are mine.  They are pretty simple and straight to the point and made with Screencastomatic (here's how).   Here is another set (I wish I knew the name, but it's not on them).  You can see examples of both below.  Of course you can also use John Green's Crash Course.  I used to think they were too fast paced, but am now convinced that if you teach your students to take organized notes, that they are pretty good as they, unlike a textbook, force students to thoughtfully organize what they are hearing into categories.  Thinking, of course, makes them retain the information better than just outline a book chapter.  Watch the first few minutes of the John Green video above as it has the best answer I've ever heard on why we should study history.  I should add that all of his videos are written by one of his high school history teachers.

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