Monday, September 21, 2015

The DBQ Project for Amazing Essay Writing

I don't often promote items that cost money, but the DBQ Project is simply amazing.  First of all they adhere to standard curriculum and secondly they are so good that you do not need to cover the section beforehand.   They all come with a one page summary and then each document is broken down into a series of questions, the last of which is always the topic sentence question.  I have used them with my standard students and find they write better using the DBQ Project items than a standard essay where they have to find all of the information.  The best part is that the essay does the teaching of those facts.

I usually set aside two class days for each one and insist that the kids correct all of their mistakes after they have turned them in so they can truly learn the correct way to write.

If you want to see an example, here is one on Renaissance.  


Jennifer Butterfield said...

Thank you for sharing this. I have asked our department chair to look into purchasing this resource. I've been looking for valuable DBQ activities the last couple of years and haven't been very pleased overall. From what I've looked into with this company, it looks amazing! I am using your Renaissance example with my Honors World History classes right now. I was wondering if you had created a rubric for scoring the essay. Thanks again and for sharing so much of your information!

Ken Halla said...

Yes we do. I will add it as a post.

Roberta Stathis said...

I was going to try the Renaissance DBQ with my students, but the link no longer works. Can you repost it? Thanks.