Tuesday, October 27, 2015

World History Through Songs

Over the years I have put a number of videos up on using songs to teach history.  Well here is another one, Mr. Nicky, who uses popular current songs to teach ancient world history.  Above is his video on Greece. 

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Ellen Blanchard said...

I think this is absolutely hilarious. How do your students respond to it? Do they scoff? I would love to incorporate more learning through song lyrics into my classroom because I think it is a great way to remember information. Students want to listen to songs and can pick up on lyrics. I love musicals, and think those could be an excellent way to teach historical events, or even corroboration because the songs aren't necessarily accurate, but it could be a project to determine what is accurate and what is fiction. I also really like this song as a parody, writing parodies could also be an fun and engaging way to learn about history. Writing parodies could be difficult for students, so even having them edit the videos to find the relevant images to the song lyrics could be effective.