Saturday, December 5, 2015

The Way to Incorporate Technology in the Classroom

I like the video above as it talks about how you can incorporate technology into your classroom and even gives you an example of the higher level of application technology can allow.  I like the blog that it was found on as it address a recent WashPost editorial (which I might add has made it clear that it is against technology in the classroom).  The author of the editorial stated that she didn't like her iPads as it made the kids quiet, but the blog author notes that so does reading a book!

Really it is time we stop attacking technology and stop citing all the biased findings that it hurts student retention.  Are we really serving our students if we fail to prepare them for an increasingly interconnected world?  If we use paper and pencil and paper for everything and continue to teach our students in rows and in concert how are our pupils going to be ready for the working world.  We need to adjust our teaching and work with our students in the highly connected and technological world in which they live. 

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Alexander Greschuk said...

I strongly agree with the argument of this post. It is a firm belief of mine that making use of technology in the classroom can not only engage students and facilitate learning, but can also provide them with technological literacy skills that will aid them as adults. In a world that is increasingly dominated by technology, processes like applying for college, applying for jobs, communicating with public officials or private businesses, etc., all are becoming more and more based in technology. We are doing a disservice to students, in my opinion, if we don't empower them with the skills to navigate this digital world.