Sunday, January 17, 2016

Head Coverings of Different Religions

Remind your students that Muslims are not the only ones to wear head coverings.  Look at all the religious traditions below in which women often wear some kind of head covering.

You can read more about the different religions at my religion blog here.

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R. Glenn Leverett said...

Interesting. I've been to India and the Punjab region many times and it's very rare to see women in turbans. Most Sikh women cover their head with a shawl. Even most Hindus and Chrisitan women there cover their heads with a shawl. The woman with the turban in the collage appears to be a gora Sikh. These are mostly white Americans who were introduced to Sikhism in the 1970s by a Punjabi Indian man called Yogi Bhajan. Sikhism is not normally an evangelistic religion and Sikhs view the white Sikhs with a variety of opinions. Some enthusiastic and accepting all the way to viewing them as perversions of Sikhism.