Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Human Cost of World War II: Great Clip

The huge number of deaths in World War II are so great that they often seem meaningless to students.

This awesome clip from Neil Halloran, a film maker, helps them to see the human cost for the different countries and different battles.

The Washington Post says that video has gotten a lot of attention since it was first published and calls it a "stirring presentation."


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Paulina Cameron said...

World war has brought so much devastation into this world, this topic is almost hurtful to talk about. After having watched the clip I wonder where does so much hatred is kept in the world. Why cannot people understand that hatred only destruct, only love can create something beautiful and worth living for. I am that the clip will help a lot of young people out there who are writing essay on the matter. This video must be showed everywhere for all the people to remember the mistakes of the past and to realize the great wisdom of life. Moreover this topic should be discussed and written about. If you want to write me an essay online this topic will be very powerful for discussion.