Thursday, May 5, 2016

Move Over Kahoot! Meet Quizizz

Move over Kahoot! Meet Quiziz. Both are great online quiz games but I think Quiziz is more engaging.

In Kahoot, students check in on their smart phone and put in a code you project with your game. Once students have signed in, you show the questions, one at a time. Students love it.

Quiziz is similar, students check in on their smart phone and put in a code. But then the similarity stops. 

Once students check in, and add a nickname, the game proceeds on their smart phones.  They move through the questions at their own pace but the faster they respond, the more points they get. Students can also see the leader board on their devices.

The big difference seems to be that Kahoot is teacher driven while Quiziz is more student driven. In Kahoot, you wait until everyone has answered the question or the time limit ends. But in Quiziz, students advance the questions. They are still competing with each other which makes the game very engaging.

It also works with Google Classroom. You can assign a review game as homework. Click here to see how.

My students played today and seemed to really enjoy it. They went through 40 questions in about 15 minutes and seemed to be thoroughly engaged. 

Here's quick review of how Quiziz works.

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Thank you for sharing, that sounds like a really useful site!