Sunday, August 7, 2016

Three Ways to Engage Students with Technology

Here are four terrific ways to allow kids to process material using technology. I've used both StoryMap and Storify with my students. You can see examples by clicking on the titles below.
I played with TimelineJS and think that it's the best vehicle for creating timelines. It's a product of Northwestern University and very simple to use. You simply click on the google spreadsheet template and and fill in the columns with text. You can also link images and videos. Below, you can see a sample I  made for the life of the Buddha.

Once you finish with your spreadsheet,  you publish it and paste the url in a box on the TimelineJS homepage.  You can preview your timeline and get the embed code, which you can then use to embed in a blog or website. Here's a short clip explaining how to make a timeline.
Making movie credits is another interesting way for students to process material. The amazing teacher, Russel Tar, made a template onto which you can input your own text. The text scrolls into infinity and music plays in the background.  This might be a great way for students to introduce big events like World War 1 or the Cold War.


Unknown said...

With the TimelineJS, is there any way I student can submit the work to a learning management system like Schoology? I'm just wondering how they would share it for others to view if they do not have a website or blog.

George Coe said...

I don't think so. We use Google Classroom and I can get students to paste the embed code into a Google site that I create within the Classroom system.

Carol D. Angeles said...

Im thinking... Is it possible to make a timeline using this website? Or I didn`t understand the whole article you`re talking about. You mentioned about how your students made titles for movies - would you please tell me more about it? It`s hard for me to understand :D Sorry for inconvenience