Sunday, September 4, 2016

Crash Course World History Curriculum Project

John Green and his crew have unveiled a terrific world history curriculum.  It's free and includes lessons driven by essential questions and writing activities that often reflect key concepts in the AP World curriculum.

It's organized into six units--Foundations, Classical Civilizations, Postclassical, Early Modern, Modern, and Contemporary.

Each unit includes two pdf files--one for the teacher, and one for the student. I reviewed the Postclassical unit and found some terrific lessons.  

One lesson, "Local Markets, Regional Trade, and Hemispheric Networks," comes from World History for Us All, and includes a series of travel accounts between the 8th and 14th centuries.  The documents include include information about products, customs and marketplaces.  Student groups work on a specific source and complete a chart and present their findings to the class.

In another lesson, students debate which trade route was most beneficial, the Silk Road or the Monsoon Marketplace.

The teacher edition of each unit includes questions for the Crash Course video that aligns with each curriculum lesson.

The units are absolutely worth investigating and some of the lessons are very easy to adapt.


A. Federer said...

Has anyone used this recently? Is it up to date? This post is from 2016. I'm considering whether to adapt some of the Crash Course curriculum into my AP World class.

Berkley SS said...

It's pretty good. I have used pieces of it here and there (there are some nice concise reading passages) but now am unable to find it online. Does anyone know how to access it??

George Coe said...

I just noticed it disappeared as well and cannot find it. Can't undertand why they took out all those resources. Some were very good.