Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sutori Digital Timelines

If you have never tried Sutori, you should. It's a great app and very easy for students to learn and master.

Students can create their own time timelines in history as well other subjects.

Check out this one on German and Italian unification by one of my students. Here's another.

And here's how Sutori works.
  1.  Create a free teacher account with your name and a password. 
  2.  Next, create a class and give it a name. Sutori generates a code for your class. 
  3.  Provide your students with the weblink to your class and code. 
  4.  Students then log in with a user name and password. 
There are plenty of possibilities for Sutori in other disciplines as well. In English, students might summarize a story or the development of a main character and in math, students might show the order of a math equation.

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Elaine McNeil said...

This is looks good - so you just assigned a topic and the students create?