Monday, February 6, 2017

Visualizing Cultures--Image Driven Lessons from MIT

MIT has a terrific website called Visualizing Cultures with an image driven curricula about Asia. Their units on Japan and China are great.

For example, we are studying the Meiji Restoration in AP World. MIT has a unit called "Throwing off Asia."  It includes a section called Technology and Industry with a series of woodblock prints that shows different aspects of industrialization.  I copied some for students to review and note the different ways in which the woodblocks reflect industrialization and modernization.

Another unit called Black Ships and Samurai shows the different ways the Japanese saw the invading Westerners when Commodore Perry sailed into Tokyo Bay. It includes a chart for analyzing the images.
Some of the other units in the curricula include the first Opium War and the Rise and Fall of the Canton Trade System.

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