Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Decolonization & Independence

Decolonizationa and Independence.  Clips about Angola's  & Nigeria's war for independence,  apartheid, Mandela, the Iranian Revolution and Tank Man.

Primary & Secondary resources for Teaching about Decolonization

The resources are divided by reigion and theme.

In Africa, for example, you'll find a speech by Kwame Nkrumah called “I Speak of Freedom” (1961), and Patrice Lumumba's “Speech at Accra” in 1958 to the Assembly of African Peoples.  He wanted to  throw off “the shackles of colonialism and all its consequences.”

In the section on Asia, you will find resources like Mohammed Ali Jinnah's “Presidential Address to the Muslim League” in 1940 and Mahatma Gandhi's address called "Hind Swaraj," or Indian Home Rule in 1909.  Some call this adress one of the most famous sources from the decolinization period in India.

Thanks to Bram Hubbell for tweeting the link.

Angolan War for Independence

Decolonization in Ghana & Kwame Nkruma

Great overview of African decolonization

Apartheid: 46 Years in 90 Seconds from BBC

Nelson Mandela, Mini Biography

Iran's Revoltuion from Crash Course

Tank Man, from BBC Newsnight

Rwanda Genocide Documentary

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